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In Net Profit


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In Net Profit


Unique Bets Accepted

Surebet Online Market share

Surebet247’s current market share is holding steady at 0,57%. A company’s market share is the percentage of a given industry’s sales is held by the company in question. Along with other economic indicators, the market share can give the interested party a fairly accurate snapshot of a business’s financial situation. Also, looking at the market share over time can give you an indication or the trajectory of the business within its industry.

Annual Online Profit

The annual online profits earned by Surebet247 is 69,2M.

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Number of Internet Players

Surebet247 currently hosts 97,8K players total. We assume that as they continue to innovate, they will attract more customers. Not having a live streaming feature is certainly a black mark.

While in many markets 300 slot games are not a lot, for us here in Nigeria it makes Surebet247 one of the top video slot machine providers.

We are interested to see if, as the demographics of gamblers continue to evolve, slots and other casino games will become more crucial to the business model of a successful casino. As the population of gamblers skews younger each year, and as young people, who have grown up with smart phones, reach the legal gambling age (18 years old), they may be more interested in a wider variety of casino style games in addition to the more traditional wagering on sports events.


Surebet247 holds their license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, and the Lagos State Lotteries Board has also issued a license to the company.

The Lagos State Lotteries Board is in charge of administering licenses to casinos that wish to serve Nigerian customers. After all, casinos and betting shops, whether they are online or in the real world, do not, and cannot, operate in a vaccum. These highly volatile industries must be regulated.

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They have become more transparent with time. This is an effort on their part to earn the trust of the Nigerian population. This also means they have raised their standards and gotten tougher with time. We recommend to readers that potential customers check with the proper authorities to ensure that the casino you are interested in has the correct licenses to operate in good faith.

It should be noted that while it is mandatory that a gambling establishment, even online, must hold a license from a governing authority, that license can be issued either from the state where they are headquartered, or from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. The casino or bet shop can hold both licenses, but many often only hold one, as it is quite costly to apply for a license, and there are no package deals available.

Surebet Welcome Bonus

When you first login to Surebet247 you can get a welcome bonus. But, unlike other Nigerian casinos, you have to enter a bonus code to claim it. To do so, enter code SWB100. Then you will get matching funds of up to 25,000 naira. Your minimum bet is 1,000 naira. You have to bet through your matching funds at least three times before you can withdraw it. All bets with the matching funds must have odds of 1.50 or more to qualify for the play through.

Each and every week, Surebet247 offers the Sure6 Predict and Win. Guess the final scores for six matches selected by Surebet247. Get all of them right and you will win a huge prize.

Surebet247 also offers a ton of changing promotions. To take advantage of them, visit the site and see what they are at any given time.

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We should note that each and every promotion has its own terms and conditions. Read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you understand exactly what you have to do to take advantage of that promotion.

As of this writing, the promotions on offer are all about the sports book section of the website. These offers include up to 3,000 naira for betting on Esports when you deposit at least 1000 naira; an NBA promotion that gives players a 20% bonus up to 5,000 naira for a deposit of at least 3,000 naira (must be bet on NBA games); a refund for a football match that does not result in any goals; a month long promotion for betting using the mobile app; a one-cut refund via Acca insurance promotions; and a stake refund of up to 5,000 naira for the three major European leagues. And finally, there is a different promotion every day of the week for deposits of at least 1,000 naira on that day.

Surebet History

Surebet247 was launched in 2011, making it one of the older casinos servicing the Nigerian online marketplace. It is owned by Chess Plus International, which also operates Ghana based gambling online sites.

It is available in app form for iOS and Android devices. All of the sections and options that players are used to on the desktop and laptop version are available from the app.

In addition to its vast sportsbook, SureBet247 also has about 300 casino games.

Football is the specialty of Surebet247. Of the roughly 1,500 betting markets offered by Surebet247, over 1,300 are for football matches. You can bet on international tournaments like the English Premier League, or on local football matches happening here in Nigeria. There are also quite a few rugby matches offered by Surebet247.

Surebet247 does not offer any live streaming games. This is a letdown when you consider that other Nigerian online gambling houses do have live streaming. Surebet247 has been around long enough to have figured out how to host it so it’s odd that it does not.

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