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SportyBet Online Market share

More than profits or other economic indicators, the market share of a business can tell you exactly where it stands among its competitors in the industry. SportyBet holds a 2.03% share of the online gambling market. While it’s not the biggest fish in this pond, it is certainly a respectable share, especially considering that they are so new to the market.

As fraudulent online bet shops continue to be weeded out and SportyBet continues to improve its offerings, readers can remain confident that their share of the gambling market will only grow over time.

As of this writing, SportyBet has 2,05% of the online gambling market in Nigeria.

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These factors include welcome offers, ongoing promotions, betting odds, payout structure, and the kinds of bets one can place on a given event. Also, if you are into casino games, obviously the casino should have a fairly decent variety of game types and options to choose from – or at least show that they are adding new titles on a consistent basis.

Annual Online Profit

SportyBet enjoys online annual profit of 247,8M.

Number of Internet Players

More than 360,000 players have deposited with SportyBet Nigeria, so you know you are in good company.

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In the market share section above, we looked at several factors that players should look at when deciding which casino to sign up with. But to us, the most important is their licensing information. Without a valid license issued by a known regulatory authority, players should walk away, and quickly, from that casino.

SportyBet Nigeria is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) under License No 0000355. Now, this may concern some players; after all, this is just for the state of Lagos, and not Nigeria as a whole. Shouldn’t there be a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission as well?

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The answer is no, it is not necessary. An online casino may hold a license from the state where they are headquartered, from other states, and/or from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. It is not necessary to hold more than one license.

While some online betting companies do have multiple licenses, the fees for processing are quite expensive, which means that many casinos choose to go for only one. The good news, however, is that with more stringent regulations in place across the country, even just having one license should be a good sign for players.

SportyBet Welcome Bonus

SportyBet has an interesting welcome offer. When you make your initial deposit – up to 10,000 naira you’ll be given gifts in the form of bets you can play for free. Each bet can be up to 50 naira each. You get to place two free bets a day at SportyBet. All of your bets must be used within seven days of receiving them.

That said, to get the welcome bonus for SportyBet you have to go to JohnnyBet. Then log into SportyBet from there. You don’t need a coupon code. JohnnyBet will handle all of that for you.

You will also get free bets when you refer a friend to SportyBet. And you can up your winning potential by placing several bets at once. With enough bets your potential winnings can increase by as much as 135%.

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SportyBet History

SportyBet is one of the newer online casinos targeting the African market. Its main deal is its sportsbook which it runs really well. They are new to the Nigerian market but have been successful in Tanzania and Kenya in the past. While their market is currently small they have shown every indication that they are planning to expand big.

SportyBet is currently available in 21 languages. They offer a range of statistics that will show you the likelihood of a given bet winning and paying out. While you can access the site from any smartphone SportyBet works best on Android enabled devices. When on Android you can withdraw your money. Or you can withdraw a little bit of your money and leave the rest on your ongoing bets.

SportyBet has a section where you can see who has recently won big. There is also a “Today” section of the website where you get see all of the events and matches going on at a given time.

SportyBet has a well run live betting section that will allow you to place a wager on events in matches that are currently happening. Promotions take place daily and you can find them on the Promotions tab. Customer support for SportyBet has been rated as excellent.

One of the most popular SportyBet features is the SportyBet Nigeria Jackpot. They pick 12 games. You then bet on the scores of all 12. If you get it right you will win 10,000,00 naira.

SportyBet often has better odds for players than their competitors. You can view multiple games at once with the multi-view option. Or you can switch to single view and watch them explain what’s happening in a single event.

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