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In Net Profit


Unique Bets Accepted


In Net Profit


Unique Bets Accepted

Betway Online Market share

Betway’s current market share stands currently at 0,7% of Nigerian online gambling market.

Annual Online Profit

The annual profits earned by Betway equal 85,2M.

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Number of Internet Players

Betway currently hosts 118K Nigerian players total. Nigeria is seeing our economy expanding after the economic downturn of 2016. This means that even more money will be available to wager, bet and play on gambling sites.

As more regulation makes gambling safer and even more attractive to players here, as smart phones become even more ubiquitous, and as a new generation of smart phone wielding youths turn the legal gambling age of 18, we are sure to see the numbers climb in the coming years.

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Betway holds a license in the UK, as that is where the parent company is located. Digi Bay Limited is the company that operates Betway in Nigeria, and they are licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

The Lagos State Lotteries Board has given roughly 40 licenses to casinos that wish to serve Nigerian customers. They have become more transparent with time. This is an effort on their part to earn the trust of the Nigerian population. This also means they have raised their standards and gotten tougher with time.

Industry rules allow that an online casino must only hold one license, but also that it is welcome to apply for and hold additional licenses, either by other state agencies or by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. However, given the costs associated with the processing fees, many casinos have just the one license.

Betway Welcome Bonus

The Betway welcome offer is 50% up to 20,000 naira. That’s a bit low. Other Nigerian casinos offer 100% up to 50,000 Naira. We suspect that that is Betway counting on their global branding to win people over even though they are offering them less. In addition, all of the matching funds must be bet on matches with odds of at least 3.0. And they have to be bet through three times. Worst of all you have to do all of this in 30 days.

There is a weekly event where you have to pick the final scores in five matches. If you are able to do that you’ll win 1 million Naira.

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Betway Mobile

Betway offers apps for iOS and Android devices. The app has all the functionality of the website. We are impressed by this, but not surprised – after all, Betway is a UK based company and surely has an expert technical staff to create, build and monitor their mobile apps.

Betway History

Betway started out as a casino for Europe and the UK and did very well there. Now Betway has moved into the Nigerian market. Their sports betting was excellent in Europe and is the same in Nigeria. They have all the international matches and now have the local ones in Nigeria.

There are apps for Apple and Android users and they work just as well as the site does. Things look good for Betway as they continue their expansion into Nigeria.

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