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BetPawa Online Market Share

BetPawa’s current market share is holding steady at 0,58%. Honestly, given their terrible reputation, lack of mobile app, barely any live streaming, and only seven sports to bet on at most as of this writing, we find it hard to believe that this casino will capture any more of the market than this in the future.

Annual Online Profit

The annual online profits earned by BetPawa is 70,5M. Again, not a surprise given the fact that it’s a badly run business. We assume most of those profits are going towards attorneys’ fees.

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Number of Internet Players

BetPawa currently hosts 99,3K Nigerian players total. We don’t know where they are, but we do wish they would switch to a more reputable establishment. There are so many to choose from, the majority of which we have reviewed right here on this website.


In July of 2019, BetPawa had their license revoked. Very little news has come out to say why their license was not renewed. But that should give anyone pause about using the site to bet money. There are many other legitimate Nigerian gambling sites that are licensed.

BetPawa is appealing this decision and has stated that it will have a negative impact on their business. While we are sure they are right that it will negatively impact their business, we have no idea what BetPawa did to lose their license.

We would tread very carefully when playing on BetPawa or, more likely, find a company that actually has a license and place our bet there. Having a license suspended, rejected or revoked is a serious matter to the reulating authorities, whether it be the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, the Lagos State Lotteries Board, or another state’s regulatory agency for this industry.

We expect to be reporting shortly that this casino has shut its virtual doors for good. It needs such a tremendous overhaul to get back into the good graces of players, let alone government authorities.

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BetPawa Welcome Bonus

BetPawa does not offer a welcome bonus. Why would you expect them to when they only have seven sports, don’t have live streaming, and don’t have an app? Literally, this is the lowest of the low when it comes to Nigerian casinos. There is no reason to use them at all.

They claim that if you become a regular player, they will give you free bets. In the terms and conditions of the site, however, you’ll find that these free bets can only be used on games selected by BetPawa. It seems like if a bait and switch is available, BetPawa will find it. The more we researched this website, the less faith we had in their good intentions.

There is a jackpot feature. But you have to bet on the outcomes of 13 different football matches. Most Nigerian gambling houses only make you pick six or seven games to get the jackpot. BetPawa making you select from 13 just seems absurd.

Bottom line – find a different online casino to gamble on.

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BetPawa History

BetPawa is not a company we can recommend. Their license to operate is in question. Until that issue is resolved, we feel that BetPawa should be avoided. They are currently under investigation for the way they have operated in Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria.

They are owned by Gaming International Limited, which is fighting their license rejection. We cannot say which side is right, but until this is resolved there are many licensed casinos for people to choose from in Nigeria. Note that we also found ownership information under the names of Intelworld Co Limited, Safaricom Limited, and Nanovas International as well as Gaming International Limited.

BetPawa also only offers seven sports. Given that most Nigerian casinos offer at least 25 sports to choose from, we find this highly odd. The seven sports you can bet on are football, basketball, tennis, rugby, American football, volleyball and cricket. Football is where BetPawa’s main focus is and they do have international and local tournaments that you can wager on.

Their live betting is also very limited. While other Nigerian casinos have hundreds of options BetPawa does not. They do not offer live streaming – which most Nigerian casinos do. They also do not have a cash out feature to minimize your losses. The in play section does not have any animations of what’s going on. In reality we cannot imagine why anyone would place a bet with BetPawa when there are at least a dozen Nigerian casinos out there that do offer these features.

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It should be no shock that there is no app for iOS or Android for BetPawa. Instead they simply shrink their screen if they detect you are accessing from a mobile device. This really gives you the impression that BetPawa is a fly by night company. They don’t invest in anything. How much could it have possibly cost them to develop an app for their site – particularly when the smart phone is the way the majority of Nigerians access the Internet?

One thing we can say that is positive about BetPawa is that their customer service is great. You can contact them on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, by phone at 07900 353 079, by email, or through snail mail at Unit B5, 3rd Floor, Plot 49, Ntinda Rd, Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.

Yes, Uganda, not Nigeria; note that its parent company runs sites in several countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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