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Bet9ja Online Market share

Bet9ja currently occupies 77,1% of the Nigerian online betting market as of this writing. That number is growing and is apt to be somewhat higher by the time you read this.

The Nigerian online gambling landscape is constantly shifting. One thing is clear, however, which is that it is a growing market here and is expected to keep expanding for years to come. The reasons are fairly clear. The population has a lot more younger people than older people. Also, purchasing internet enabled devices such as smartphones is becoming easier and they are much more accessible to the average person.

Advertising of online gambling is pervasive and effective. Beyond that, here in Nigeria we are a football obsessed culture. And where there is football, gambling always follows. This makes online gambling a natural fit for cultural and economic reasons. Particularly popular are the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. Millions of Nigerians follow both leagues – and a large percentage of them place bets on league matches.

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Betting, to an average Nigerian, comes down to the potential for making money while watching something we love and feel that we can easily understand. While the Nigerian economy went down in 2016, the amounts that people were betting did not. This shows an inherent tie to gambling culture. Today, in Nigeria we are seeing our economy expanding. This means that even more money will be available to pump into gambling sites. That is bringing in more regulation, which will make gambling safer and even more attractive to players.

In addition, with more and more smartphones are being sold, this on its own will expand access to gambling sites. All this points to a huge amount of growth for the Nigerian market. Companies that offer online gambling should keep the Nigerian market in mind whenever they launch or expand a casino.

Annual Online Profit

Bet9ja’s online annual profits, as of this writing, are coming in at ₦9,3 billion as of the fiscal year 2018.

As a comparison, the most profitable company in Nigeria is Dangote Cement, which as of 2018 had a profit of  ₦186 billion.

Speaking of money, Bet9ja accepts a lot of different payment options. These are slightly different, as they are tailored to us in the Nigerian market. Players can make a wire transfer or use Visa, MasterCard, Interswitch, Verve, Skye Bank, or Zenith, but cannot use e-wallets. When you withdraw money you must do it through wire transfer. This can take up to five days to appear in your account.

The most money a player can withdraw at any one time is 9,999,999 Nigerian Naira.

Bet9ja has what they call an “Early Cash Out” feature that’s pretty interesting. A player can use it to lock in winnings or reduce the amount of their losses. Place a bet on a game, and start watching it. If it looks like the bet isn’t going to be a winner, the player can cash out early and get some of their money back. It’s not as good as winning – but it’s certainly better than taking a full loss.

Early Cash Out is also great if it looks like a wager on a sports event is going to be a winner, but the player is not sure. Start watching the game. If it looks like you are going to win, select the Early Cash Out option. You’ll win some of your bet. Again, it’s not as good as getting a full win but it takes the risk out and puts cash in the player’s pocket. It’s an interesting strategy to learn about.

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Live Betting is another feature offered by Bet9ja. These bets take place during the match. It is necessary to be watching the game on TV or your cell phone simultaneously. Then the player can place bets on which team will score the next goal, what player will commit the next foul, and dozens of other in-game options.

This adds another angle to the game beyond just which team wins and which one loses. As the player watches the game, it is possible to keep track of how things are going. If you understand sports, you’ll be able to make an educated guess on what’s going to happen next. You can figure out which side, for example, is going to block a shot, and then take a bet on that.

Live betting at Bet9ja has dozens of options for each and every game. And at any given point, there are more than 200 live games in progress. For each of these games, it is possible to bet on dozens of outcomes. The more into the sport you get, the more you can play around with these options and find new ways to win and make money.

Number of Internet Players

Online gambling is extremely popular with people who live here in Nigeria. It’s been that way ever since cell phones became inexpensive and allowed people to go, and stay, online very easily – even though almost half of the country lives below the poverty line. In fact, some research suggests that as many as 60 million of us place wagers on sports, whether online or in brick-and-mortar betting parlors.

This has led to many online casinos opening up here in Nigeria, and/or targeting the Nigerian market. Nearly all these online gaming companies use extremely aggressive advertising to attract customers – we can expect to see several ads for online casinos before the feature presentation at the movie theater. How, exactly, is the average consumer supposed to know what site is good and what site is trying to rip them off?

Some people have, in fact, been turned off to online gambling after being taken advantage of by multiple fraudulent companies. The key is understanding which companies are licensed, and which ones are just fly by nights that turn up looking to take your money and run.

This is just one of the many reasons why we have felt it is important to do the proper due diligence of online casinos like Merrybet. And we feel that being transparent with the number of players and its annual profit can tell readers a lot about the legitimacy of the casino.

With a market share of 77,1%, Bet9ja hosts a total of 13,2M online players.

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Bet9ja is fully licensed to operate in all of Nigeria. It has a license from the Lagos State Lotteries Board and from the State of Osun, where it is based. It has passed all of the checks required by Nigerian officials.

The Lagos State Lotteries Board has given roughly 40 licenses to casinos that wish to serve Nigerian customers. They have become more transparent with time. This is an effort on their part to earn the trust of the Nigerian population. This also means they have raised their standards and gotten tougher with time.

One of the main things they’ve done in the interest of transparency is making more data public. This includes information on what casinos have had their license suspended, and why the license was suspended. This strengthening of the requirements for a license has been noted by other states. They too now are making their requirements stronger and more transparent. This means heightened regulation of online gambling throughout Nigeria. This is not a bad thing.

One example is the Edo State Internal Revenue Service. They have ordered all casinos they regulate to go through a new heightened regulatory process. Part of this process is making them pay any and all taxes they may owe. They are also publishing lists of all online gambling operators with legitimate licenses to operate in Nigeria. They will also publish lists of casino operators who had their license turned down.

Then there is the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. They regulate on a national level. While a casino does not need to have both a state and federal license, without even one, the casino being operated won’t look very legitimate. That said, there is a downside to this. To have both a state and federal license requires the business to pay the fees twice. This has cut down on the number of casinos that have opened up to operate here in Nigeria.

Bet9ja Welcome Bonus

At Bet9ja casino players get a welcome bonus – something that is rare at Nigerian casinos. Deposit a minimum of 100 naira and a maximum of 1,000 naira and you’ll get 100% in matching cash. So if a player deposits 500 naira they will have a total of 1,000 naira to play with. That’s a pretty good deal all around.

You have to play through the bonus cash 10 times before it can be withdrawn. That’s also a very good deal. Consider that the best European casinos require you to bet your matching cash 20 times and some casinos in Europe require you to bet it 100 times and a 10 times play through seems pretty good.

If you sign into Bet9ja and enter the coupon code Johnnybet100 you will be entered into a weekly prize draw. You will be asked to predict the scores of 10 pre-selected soccer matches. Get all of them right and you could end up winning 100,000,000 naira. While the odds of winning that are not great it’s nice to know it’s there – and who knows, some players by pure chance has to win it.

If you keep coming back to Bet9ja you’ll find yourself invited to a ton of competitions. Win one of the competitions and you could end up winning tickets to big matches and other prizes. You can also sign up for the Johnnybet package. That package will provide you with tips on what games to bet on and how much to bet. You can learn a lot from the Johnnybet package.

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Bet9ja Mobile

As with all casinos here in Nigeria, Bet9ja mobile is a huge part of its business. Most of us simply don’t have access to desktop or laptop computers. So they log in using their cell phone. If a player happens to be on a laptop or desktop and is curious about their mobile functions, they just have to click on the “mobile” tab to learn more about it. That tab will also tell the reader how to adjust a given phone’s settings to make sure the app works at peak performance levels.

The apps work great on both iOS and Android enabled devices. Unlike some other casinos, with Bet9ja the player will have access to all of the site’s features directly from the app. The welcome bonus is just as available from the app as it is from a desktop or laptop. Once the player is signed into the app, they can bet on any of the number of sporting events. It is also possible to play in the live casino or any of the slot machines that Bet9ja mobile has available.

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Because Bet9ja mobile wants as many people as possible to be able to bet through them they have made their apps simple to use. This means that Bet9ja mobile will work on any modern cell phone. Doesn’t matter what make or model. It doesn’t matter what operating system they use. It doesn’t even matter whether they are connecting via Wi-Fi or 4G. If you have a phone and are able to connect to the Internet, Bet9ja mobile will allow you to log in.

Bet9ja History

Bet9ja is one of the larger online casino operators in Nigeria. Unlike other Nigerian casinos, they don’t just offer sports betting – though they do have a lot of that. Instead, they also offer at Bet9ja slot machines, table games and even a Live Casino.

That said, football betting is what brings most people to Bet9ja, which is why they have a giant football in their logo. But with more than 70 casino-style games, people who are not into sports can have a great time with plenty of options at Bet9ja.

Bet9ja has been around since 2013. It was created by Kunle Soname, a businessman, entrepreneur and domestic and international football team owner and operator. Bet9ja offers decent odds on sports, and features pretty much every local, national and international match to bet on. Bet9ja has become one of the most successful online gambling operations in Nigeria. This is because of the trust the people put in Kunle Soname, who has a person and a brand is considered trustworthy. Having a household name run an online gambling business is one of the better promotions a casino can have. Luckily, Bet9ja has done almost everything they possibly can to live up to their reputation.

Getting in touch with customer service at Bet9ja is not that difficult, which right off the bat is a good sign for an online casino – although there are some times when you will have to wait a few hours to get a response. You can hear back from them in less than 24 hours if you contact them via email at the following address: [email protected] Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Nigeria time, you can call them on the phone at 01- 4405145 or 01-2796666. You can also send them a tweet at @Bet9jaHelp. And lastly, you can contact them via snail mail at Bet9ja, Tomi’s House, 9 Funsho Williams Avenue, Lagos.

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In case it is not already obvious, Bet9ja is a casino run for the Nigerian marketplace. It is not looking at being an international casino. All of their design, advertising and set up is geared to attract people in Nigeria who want to bet on sports or play slots and table games online, or while on the go with Bet9ja mobile.

All of Bet9ja’s deposits, bets and withdrawals are conducted in Nigerian naira. They are privately owned by Kunle Soname under the name KC Gaming Networks Ltd. Bet9ja was initially launched to offer football betting to the Nigerian market. They have since expanded to virtually every other sport on earth and added casino gambling. Their betting system works just as well from your desktop as it will from your smartphone with Bet9ja mobile. Customer service is excellent and has a wide array of options. You can bet on games while they are happening. Their range of slot machines and table games is excellent for the Nigerian marketplace.

One of the strengths of Bet9ja casino has been their willingness to invest in excellent technology. They combine that with fantastic local talent, and are able to deliver cutting edge customer support. All customers with problems, issues or questions get the help only a local can provide, but with the slick technology that can really deliver it.

The real focus of Bet9ja is sports and racing. They do offer casino games, which are an important part of their business model, but sports are where it’s hot. The slot machines are basic by European standards, but perfectly designed for the local market, which does not have that much experience with playing online slots. For those people who like animated table games, players can choose from blackjack, baccarat, roulette, punto banco, lucky dice, Red Dog, and Sette e Mezzo.

Then there is the Live Casino. The Live Casino is where – other than sports betting – Bet9ja really shines. Players can be sitting here in Nigeria but feel like they are in Vegas or Monte Carlo. The Live Casino is provided by Ezugi and They offer a lot of options for live play and focus on blackjack and roulette.

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