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AccessBet Online Market share

AccessBET currently has 0,77% of the Nigerian casino market as of this writing. That number is growing and is apt to be somewhat higher by the time you read this, as is true for all Nigerian casinos across the board.

We expect the market to grow exponentially over the upcoming years, and with AccessBET in particular, why we hope they start to delve into the more standard offers, promotions and website fun that pervades the industry, so they can grab a larger portion of the market share in the future.

But as of right now, our research ahs shown that they are not doing their best to grow into this already crowded market. Perhaps it is because the company is so new, and has a business model of steady growth over time. But the industry changes and evolves almost daily, and we like to see that a casino can stay quick on their feet and bring their business along with those changes.

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Annual Online Profit

AccessBET’s online annual profits, as of this writing, are coming in at 93,9M as of the fiscal year 2018.

Number of Internet Players

With a market share of 0,77% , AccessBET welcomes 132K players.

The Nigerian online wagering scene is always on the move – and that movement appears to be always going in the upward direction. Even in times of economic downturn, such as the slump in 2016, interest and activity in the gambling industry has never wavered. Nigerians simply love to bet on sports.

And why is that so? There are several reasons. First and foremost, there is the fact that mobiles are so ubiquitous. Whereas before the proliferation of mobile many Nigerians, who could not afford home computers, were not connected to the internet and should bet at AccessBET shops, now people carry the internet with them wherever they go.

This is true for Nigerians across all demographics, but none more so than for younger people, who have practically grown up with a smart phone in hand. As they come of gambling age (which is 18 in Nigeria), a whole new generation is being introduced to what is essentially the national pastime. And without the intimidation factor of having to walk into one’s local betting shop for the first time, there is hardly anything standing in the way of young people flocking to betting sites – and online gambling in other ways as well, such as slots, poker and live casino action.

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Also, it is our keen interest in sports that allows for so much betting. After all, what better way to get into the excitement of a sports event than having an actual stake in the outcome? That is why so many of the better wagering sites have a full suite of instant side bets to make during a match as well as the overall score wager that is the most popular.


AccessBET operations are regulated by the National Regulatory Commission under TM Gaming Networks LTD.

The National Regulatory Commission is a well respected agency here in Nigeria, and has done quite a lot for the country in terms of strengthening the legitimacy of the gambling industry.

One of the ways they have done this is by making public more data than ever before. For example, it is now possible to see which casinos and holding groups have been licensed by the National Regulatory Commission. And, more importantly, one can also discover who has had their license rescinded, who has been rejected for a license, and the reasons why.

This is enlightening for the customer, and an excellent way to help consumers make educated decisions about where to place their wagers and play casino games.

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Other agencies have been stepping up as well when it comes to the regulation of the gambling industry. For example, the Edo State IRS regularly publishes their list of licensed casinos, and has gone after casinos for proper payment of taxes and levies. And with so many casinos and betting shops that call Lagos home for their official headquarters, the Lagos State Lotteries Board continues to be the standard bearer for regulatory excellence in Nigeria.

AccessBet Welcome Bonus

AccessBET does not have any welcome bonus. In fact, as of this writing, they don’t have any promotions at all. We sincerely hope that this changes in the future. Honestly, it’s an odd thing not to have any promotions running. We’re not sure what they think would be the main incentive for players to sign up with them.

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AccessBet History

AccessBET was first launched in 2017. That makes it one of the newer bookmakers in the Nigerian market. Its market push is that it is a stripped down, easy to use casino for sports betting.

That may appeal to people who are new to gambling. More experienced bettors might prefer a site that has more options than AccessBET. The company does offer all the features most players could want including live betting on matches already taking place. They also offer a casino and virtual games.

The live betting feature is one of the main reasons to use AccessBET. It includes statistics on each bet so you have some idea whether or not your wager is a good one or not. Just click on “Live Betting” and select a match. It will then show you all of your options to bet on that match. You can bet on multiple matches at once at AccessBET using the multi-view mode.

AccessBET’s website is very stripped down, but easy to bet and to check coupons. Its mobile app, however, is very well designed. It functions like a dream and is something other Nigerian bookmakers should take note of. The odds are extremely competitive and its accumulator bonuses are great. All of this shows that while AccessBET is a new bookmaker, it’s growing in the market and continues to attract new players.

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