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1xbet Online Market share

1xBet currently has 0,84% of the Nigerian casino market as of this writing. That number is growing and is apt to be somewhat higher by the time you read this.

The Nigerian web based betting scene is continually moving. One thing is clear, in any case, which is that it is a developing business sector and is relied upon to continue expanding for a considerable length of time to come.

The reasons are genuinely clear. The population has gotten younger in recent years. Additionally, buying web empowered gadgets, for example, cell phones and smart phones, is getting to be simpler and they are significantly more available to the average individual.

Promotions for web based betting is unavoidable in everyday life. Besides that, in Nigeria we have a football fixated culture. What’s more, where there is football, betting can always be found. This makes internet betting a good fit for social and financial reasons.

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Especially prevalent are the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga. A huge number of Nigerians cheer for these two alliances – and a huge portion of them put down wagers on popular matches.

Wagering, to a normal Nigerian, comes down to the potential for profiting while at the same time watching something they adore and feel that they effectively comprehend. While the Nigerian economy went down in 2016, the sums that individuals were wagering did not. This demonstrates a natural affinity to betting in our society.

Today, in Nigeria we are seeing our economy expanding. This implies considerably more cash will be accessible to siphon into betting locales.

Likewise, with increasingly more cell phones are being sold, this all on its own will grow access to betting websites. This focuses to an immense measure of development for the Nigerian market. Organizations that offer internet betting should remember the Nigerian market when seeking to expand.

Annual Online Profit

1xBet’s online annual profits in Nigeria, as of this writing, is coming in at 102,5M as of the fiscal year 2018.

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As a comparison, one of the biggest beverage companies, Guinness Nigeria PLC, which as of 2018 had a profit of ₦6,7 billion.

Number of Internet Players

With a market share of 0,84%, 1xBet welcomes 144K Nigerian players. And with the younger generations growing in size and interest, this number is only set to grow.


1xBet Nigeria is licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, which, as its name would suggest, regulates the gambling industry on a national level.

Legally, casinos in Nigeria are permitted to hold a state gambling license, a national gambling license, or both. They are also allowed to be issued licenses from multiple states. However, only one license is necessary for a casino to be considered legitimate.

It should be noted that both the states and the country as a whole have made great strides in increasing regulatory strength and transparency when it comes to online casinos and betting shops. One way in which they are more transparent is by publishing a constantly updated list of which casinos have had their license suspended, and the reason for the suspension. It is advisable to check these lsits frequently to ensure that your favorite casinos continue to be in good standing.

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1xbet Welcome Bonus

1xBet offers 100% matching cash up to 36,000 Naira. The minimum you have to deposit to take advantage of this offer is 3,600 Naira. You have to bet your matching cash at least five times before you can withdraw it. That’s much better than the industry standard of having to bet your matching cash 35 times before you can collect.

1xBet will also give players bonus funds to bet with on their birthday.

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1xbet History

1xBet was founded in 2007 in Nigeria. It is not associated in any way with the Russian online gambling house which has the same name. 1xBet has become very popular all over Africa and particularly in Nigeria. 1Xbet offers a wide range of services and is generally a well respected African casino. It has a reputation for being a very fair casino. The odds are excellent and there has been no hint of any rigged bets.

At 1xBet you can make wagers on over 30 sports. That means you can wager on popular sports like English Premier League but also less popular ones like bicycle racing. You can also place bets at 1xBet on entertainment and politics. Football, of course, is the core thing people bet on at 1xBet. For example, when you go to the live betting section of the site you’ll find over 100 possible bets for each and every match.

1xBet has some of the best odds on matches of any Nigerian casino. They have been aggressive at making this known, and as a Nigerian player, you must be familiar with this. By making their margins far lower than other casinos they allow players to take in extra money on their winning bets. We can’t argue with that.

1xBet does not allow you to change the odds the way other Nigerian casinos do. They do however allow you to cash in your bet early – either to minimize losses or take an easy but less well paying win.

The live streaming at 1xBet is excellent and one of the main reasons people come to this site. Live streaming is available in general for football, tennis and basketball. When a major event occurs during a match, betting will be suspended.

Players can even place bets on what will happen with the weather.

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