About Us

Fox9ja is a non profit organization. We look into how much profit each and every bookmaker in Nigeria makes. We do this through insider information and some public information. We believe that understanding how much money each bookmaker makes will give consumers a good understanding of which ones are legitimate and which ones are on the shady side. We make no judgments. We simply report the facts as we see them.

In some cases, the profits may represent a well run casino. In other cases, it may represent some shady dealings going on at the casino. That’s up for our readers to decide. We will explain how we came to have the information. We will also update the information over time.

We provide this as a service to consumers who are looking to understand the Nigerian bookmaking market. Some smaller casinos that have smaller profits may actually be the best place for you to place your bets. Others with larger profits you may be best off avoiding.

Fox9ja breaks down the numbers into easily understandable graphs. This allows you to look at them and see if they make sense. You should be able to tell if a casino is making money from having a lot of players, or is taking advantage of a few players who don’t see what the house edge is.

By breaking down the numbers, we hope to give our readers a greater understanding of the Nigerian betting market. That can lead to a better strategy when you are deciding where to bet.

Bookmakers' Leaks

We are gamblers ourselves. We’ve tried many casinos here in Nigeria. That’s why we decided to start our company. We’ve learned things we wish we’d known when we were just starting out, and we are passing that information on to you in hopes it will be of help.

As we continuously update our information, you’ll be able to see how different Nigerian betting houses are evolving. If you see a suddenly spike in profit growth at a casino, it’s a good time to see exactly what they are doing differently.

We hope to be a good service to our fellow Nigerians betting community. Our numbers are growing, which means that the number of people looking to trust in us is growing as well. We hope to keep the advantage with the players.

If you have any questions about how we gathered our information, feel free to contact us. We believe that openness and transparency are key to our business.

Our address is:

27 Emma Abimbola Cole Street, A8, Lekki, Nigeria

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